In life, we either find our passion or it is revealed and we engage it.

Within the realm of personal/spiritual development, my dreams and the teachings revealed within them have been a primary source for guidance and inspiration. The ways in which I have applied what I have learned, in my life, are varied. One of the ways is through sharing what I know via volunteering.

JEBS – Education Consultant

I volunteered as a guest teacher for a private school in the Far-West region of Nepal: Dhangadhi in the Kaliali district.

The name of the school: Jyoti English Boarding School [JEBS].

Their slogan: Education is the light of life.

I am quite taken by the story of its inception, the students, the passion of the active board members, and their collective vision for this school.

No, not quite taken – – in much adoration.

What can I do to help this school reach the stars? Thus far I’ve offered training and suggestions for their teachers – lesson planning, class activities, disciplinary actions that engage English writing practice. I cannot wait to share some of the changes through the voices of the teachers and the board.

It is a long road for them, but one I desire to journey as a consultant for education. Because for me, it’s not just about teaching the material, it’s about wisdom – the application of knowledge.


Dream Research

Applying for research affiliation OR a suitable Ph.D. program that will allow me to deepen my research. Present at annual conferences on different levels and aspects of my inquiry.

This has much to do with what’s been revealed via dreams – knowledge, practices, origin story, identity, and purpose. Can knowledge [and cultural memory] be transmitted through dreams? Yes, they can. Buddhism is perhaps the best example of this, the treasure lineages being one of the greatest examples of it.

My project within the field of dream studies is the re-establishment of an antiquated lineage with its origins within the Primordial Mother.



Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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