Diya Prajnaparamita School

The Diya Prajnaparamita School is a living vessel dedicated to the mystery teachings of the Primordial Mother, revealed through pure vision, lucid dreaming experiences, and journeys via meditation [aka shamanic jounreying].

We are in a time where sacred wisdom from antiquity is needed. The rejuvenation and redefinition of “woman” include the resurrection of her sacerdotal embodiments which is crafted by the primordial waters of creation, embodied within the image of the Primordial Mother.

For the past 15 years, I’ve been told about a lineage I need to recreate. Its first mention was in a pure vision in 2001 without any reference to details that would help me to better understand its nature. You could also say I’ve spent the last 15 years engaging the practices that are at the foundation of this lineage; not realizing that I embody the lineage [The excerpt below is taken from the main site of Diya Prajnaparamita. More about the lineage can be accessed here]:

Forbidden Scripture – Pure Vision from 4.3.13:

All I remember are the images the Elders showed me, and a few words that were spoken. They would flash in an out of the space, like a drop of black ink being dropped into clear water, and then disappearing in reverse of this motion.

One said that I am not supposed to be here: “You don’t belong here”.

They showed me that the people around me were supposed to serve me, that there was a distinct relationship between myself and those around me.

Furthermore, they said that I am forbidden scripture: “You are Forbidden Scripture. Not everyone can see you”. I’m not sure if they meant not everyone is allowed to see me because they simply cannot or if there is a veil that prevents me from being “seen” by just anyone.

When my earth-born mother prays on my behalf, she refers to me as “Forbidden Scripture”, and not “Alaya”, because this is what I am. Who I am is What I am; What I am is Who I am.

In September 2016, the name of the lineage was revealed; its name is also my true name – Diya Prajnaparamita. While my mother may still use the name “forbidden scripture” when praying on my behalf, the use of “diya prajnparamita” is not only appropriate but favorable, as it is a way to pray for blessings for the lineage itself –

    The Diya Prajnaparamita School [9.13.2016]

I wanted to know if I could work with JEBS through the lineage. So, I asked my mother – Samantabhadri/Prajnaparamita – to provide me with the name of the lineage. This is Her work so naming it is Her duty.

I do not recall the surroundings in detail; it felt like we were someplace [up] “high”.

Diya, a class 5 student, approached me with a small oil lamp that was lit. She offered it with her hand – not sure which one – with a beautiful smile on her face. Purnanand Bhatta was there and he said, “She’s giving you puja”. I was curious about it, wondering if it was some sort of offering, and he confirmed it for me. I further realized she was giving puja to me as Forbidden Scripture – as a part of Prajnaparamita, and not me as “Alaya”.

She wore a white sundress with a green leaf pattern all over it. In these moments, I became half awake and half asleep, realizing the name of the school [lineage]: Diya Prajnaparamita. So, I said out loud as I turned over in bed, “So that’s it? That’s the name? Diya Prajnaparamita?”

I have asked for confirmation.

Naming Confirmation [9.15.2016]

[The moonlight shone through my west facing window as it began to set. The light woke me up briefly before I returned to sleep.]

In the dream, Bhatta sir was sitting at his desk, wearing a collared white shirt and his yellow shorts. He was preparing to write an official document. We were both at the office and on the roof where my room is, at the same time.

I told him that he couldn’t use my name [Alaya Dannu] regarding our work together; that he had to use Diya Prajnaparamita. [end of dream]

When I awoke again, I felt the light on my face. For a moment, I mistook it for the sun. As the moon’s setting progressed, it felt as if I were on a high. My senses were heightened. I got out of bed, went outside, and announced the name of the lineage to the visible constellations/asterisms: Orion’s Belt and the Pleaides. I did a meditation in my room before falling back asleep.

The word “diya” is Sanskrit for “light”. It is the light of an oil or butter lamp. This lamp is offered within temples, on shrines, or at the start of transmissions/teachings. Diya is the light that clears away the darkness of ignorance.

Prajnaparamita is Sanskrit – “prajna” and “paramita” for [transcendent] “wisdom” and “perfection” or “perfection of transcendent wisdom”. In Buddhism, there is a sutra named “The Prajnaparamita Sutra”, which speaks to the way, or perfected way, of seeing the nature of reality. This is the wisdom that all Buddha’s and Bodhisattva’s arise from and shall return to. It is said that this sutra was personified as a goddess well after it was transmitted and written.

Diya Prajnaparamita is the light that clears away the ignorance surrounding the path towards transcendent wisdom – the light that reveals that which is concealed.

The way in which I have experienced Prajnaparamita is in the form of the Primordial Waters. There have been a variety of forms that were used whenever I would receive guidance or teachings from Her. The forms used were always feminine and were always of deities that represented the primordial: the image of a sea and a voice, Sophia, Oshun, Mut, Neith; the forms of Samantabhadri and Prajnaparamita were only confirmed and used after my first conference presentation on my research inquiry, in June 2016.

In understanding myself to be a smaller aspect of this vast sea, I refer to several pure visions, one of which I share below; a meditation I experienced in 2013:


Sea of Legacy [11.13.2013]

Going into meditation, I saw a sleeping figure, upright. There appeared to be hands around its neck, as if something else were trying to choke it. Its eyes opened, obliterating all things in its path. I do not recall the imagery after the obliteration – all was dark. Then the deity spoke: “I built the sea of your legacy, Little Queen”. I opened my eyes to write this down. I felt a deep awe, reverence, and respect – she’d called me “Little Queen”.

Second vision/meditation – A coffin of black and gold appeared within the parlor I’d just walked into; I was led there by a very large, unseen force. On this coffin [rather, it was a traditional sarcophagus] was an engraved pharaoh – that which is normally on a sarcophagus for pharaohs. Its arms were crossed at the chest, a crook and flail in its hands. When I stood directly in front of the carved statue, it came alive. It moved, handing me the crook and flail. I was to hold them together and place them on my chest, instead of crossing my arms. Then the deity who was with this carved statue said: “You are my traveling priestess”.