You are writing about evanescent experiences, attempting to describe a complex inner realm that the majority of readers will find unfamiliar. This is ok – they don’t have to be familiar. We read to learn new things and expose ourselves to new knowledge.

-Leanna J.B.

This is a quote from one of my professors and the department chair of the MFA program I was once enrolled in. Her statement sums everything up nicely.

This site is about me, but it is about me through the best way I know how to speak about me, and that is through my experiences. These experiences are “evanescent”, transpersonal; what has revealed my purpose, explained my essence, my existence, what has shaped and molded – and continues to shape and mold – my identity. All of this has been revealed to me through my dreams.

What are they really? Dreams…they are as elusive as the answer to the question “Who Am I?” I do not speak of dreams that people define as goals and aspirations – I am speaking of the visions, journeys, and experiences we have when we are sleep.
Everybody dreams; not everyone remembers them.

I was born and raised in the USA, however, I was not raised within the confines of its social and cultural stigmas. I was raised in a bubble; sheltered, nurtured with a strong spiritual foundation that was an eclectic mix of my mother’s interpretation of Native American spirituality and what she felt was beneficial for my upbringing within the Ifa tradition of the Yoruba people of Africa.

What she stressed was the knowledge of oneself [origins, ancestry, connection to nature, the earth and the cosmos], and the knowledge of one’s destiny. It was more important to know where I came from than it was to keep friends that were not always friendly. It was of greater value and the utmost of importance to discover and fulfill one’s destiny than it was to follow the dictates of someone else’s idea of what I should and should not be doing in life. It was necessary to honor the voice of one’s intuition/inner knowing/soul/ori than it was to listen to or honor someone else’s suggestion. On this note, it was necessary to be in tune with how I felt because not everyone’s interests were in alignment with my own.

My mother was born in the USA, my father was born in Kingston, Jamaica. My mother’s ancestry is diverse: E. Africa, Western Europe [Netherlands] and the ME/West Asia [Israel]. My father’s ancestry is just as diverse: NW Africa [Egypt/Ethiopia], India, and the UK [Scotland/England]. I am only aware of this diversity due to my mother’s preservation of a family tree that she managed to obtain before my great-great grands passed away. This was part of her “know where you come from” mantra.

In light of my human ancestry, I am a woman of mixed heritage; racially, I identify as a mixed race woman.

Why does this matter? In a very small way – to me, it is not about my human ancestry that makes me who I am. It is how I came to be here in this time, for this lifetime. It is just a conduit…a consequence.

My human ancestry is not what defines the totality of my existence. It does not dictate my destiny, why I exist, or what I was born to accomplish.

What is of utmost importance is the origin of my essence: how I came to be and why I came to be. THAT is all that matters to me, really. I know the answers to those questions, and I did not rely on a being of flesh and blood to provide them to me. However, I do have my mother to thank for providing me with the foundation necessary to launch from. I have since shed her influence, however, the structure from which I stand is stable because of her.

That being said, this site is all about my process, discoveries, musings, and explorations. I hold a “transpersonal” view about myself and my existence; I am spiritual, not religious, and I do not view the world from within a Euro/andro/Afrocentric perspective despite being born and raised in a western culture. It is transpersonal – that’s as western and academic of a word that I can get with being as simplistic as possible. If I were to say “spiritual worldview”, some people would assume New Age woo-woo…and that’s not it either.

Ooo, but I will say that I put to good use all of the tools handed to me by the world. I may not hold a common or well known/understood perspective, but I will use what I can to get my point across. You’ll see what I mean in the posts across these pages…

My passion is dreams. I am here to share how beneficial it is to remember, record, and integrate the wisdom and knowledge of one’s dreams. I will accomplish this through my art, academia, and my work – restoration of the virgin priestesshood of the primordial mother. ^_^

Academically, I obtained my BA in Criminal Justice in 2005 from FAU in Boca Raton, Florida; my masters in Transpersonal Psychology in 2010 from the Institute of Transpersonal Psychology [now known as Sofia University] in Palo Alto, California, and am currently independently researching and exploring my passion. My next goal is the dissertation. I have yet to identify an institution, but my research inquiry is the transmission of memory and knowledge through dreams, with a focus on the tradition of divine birth in ancient Egypt.

You can read more about my work here.



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  1. This is great, especially: ‘It takes great will and faith to make the sacrifices that are required on this journey. It’s a matter of becoming more authentic and true to one’s nature. It is the expression of one’s personal mystery, the stepping into one’s natural birthright of power, going beyond attachment.’

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