About My Art

What I like about this portrait, is that it still rings true; it still has value, yet somewhat outdated. I just want to give you an idea of where I was three years ago…

So my blog is…pretty much my process: How my art come to be and comes to be, how my life is art [being recreated through art as well]…the whole PROCESS on how I create my art.

That’s about it.

Oh, and maybe a few pictures…

And ways to connect, like FB, Twitter and…blog comments??

Without further ado, here are the basics:


My art is the art of having total trust in oneself – from within and without – and not having the slightest care as to what the external or internal critic may say. My process is creative and innovative– I  become intimate with every beat and nuance of a song I dance to, and of every stroke and movement of my hand as I paint or draw.  My work mirrors my way of being – existing out of the mainstream. Possessing self-love is key to honoring both the process and the product…all without censorship or judgment.

It takes great will and faith to make the sacrifices that are required on this journey. It’s a matter of becoming more authentic and true to one’s nature. It is the expression of one’s personal mystery, the stepping into one’s natural birthright of power, going beyond attachment.

Art is a guide and support through the 6 human aspects of being – physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, creative, relational – to also include ones relation to the environment. This sense of sacredness has to be developed and personally experienced in order for the concept to be of any value, meaning, or purpose.

This allows for the opportunity to be a lot less self-limiting and more open to possibilities. The perfection in this practice is awareness: the acknowledgment and acceptance that there is always room for more.

Art, its process, its work is a transformational way for one to create oneself, one’s fate/life/destiny; it is the practice of self-care and appreciation of one’s divinity; the expressive weaving of one’s individual dignity; the profound grace and subtlety of one’s mystery. This is an embodied style and form, movement discipline and practice.

It is Co-Creation through refined movement, a journey to the greatest depths of oneself, understanding of the energetic origins of all things and expression of power and authenticity. For onlookers, the invitation is to imbibe the impress – absorb the energetic gifts that are revealed. Be inspired, empowered and educated through the language of movement.


After completing my degree in Transpersonal Psychology, with a concentration in Creativity and Innovation, and engaging life in Asia, I have come to realize that movement is more than just physical action. Movement begins as a force of energy; it is embodied through thoughts, sensations, images, and physical movement in a variety of ways. Integrating my realization, dance background, and creative nature, I’ve developed an artistic style and practice which honors the ‘organic personal experience’. I call it “Opience”.

It’s the universal process of creation that considers the transcendental nature of being; it encourages the authentic freedom of expression, supporting the process of shedding inhibitions, casting off anxieties, dance, create, and be as I was born to, expressing my place in the universe, reclaiming my inner wisdom and power.

I am committed to self-awareness and creativity, the quest of awe and engagement. My art IS my Way. By allowing myself to be guided by my creative process, there has been a shift in my relationship to the arts and how I exist as a human being – guided by ones creative process, without censorship and without judgement.

Through my indulgent practice of Opience, it is now my current work-in-progress to Refine the intuitive and creative practice of authentic expression.

My dance background includes training in Ballet, Tribal Group Improv/American Tribal Bellydance, Raqs Sharqi, and Salsa; intensive self-study of Authentic Movement; I have also been further influenced by the passionate movements of Argentine Tango, Flamenco, and the creative potential of Modern Dance.  My training in the visual arts have been influenced by my need and desire to be authentically creative – self-taught all the way.

Anyway that’s about it. A blog about my process…Happy Sharing!!!

Alaya AD