The Burn Out

Here I am, in Anatolia, struggling to fight off a migraine.

As much as I adore the opportunity of being here, I struggle with juggling too many commitments.

I cannot cut out work because that’s part of my exchange for being here.

The problem is the same as it’s always been – I’m more focused on the bigger reason of why I am here, not giving much effort to the smaller circumstsnces that occurred as consequences.

What I am saying is, I’m more focused on how my path is unfolding than I am on everything else. I want to understand how being in Anatolia is connected to everything else that’s happened. I desire to understand why my plans for moving forward will no longer happen, and why what’s been proposed to me is what needs to happen. I want to highlight the dreams that connect to this place; talk about how my body has healed; talk about the adjustments that I’ve experienced and am still experiencing. All of the synchronicities are too loud to ignore.

There is an extraordinary story unfolding here, and I want to focus on sharing that.


Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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