She called me “Mahari”…

[8.19.2013]_In the middle of the night, I was given a message from Vishnu. He had a right hand on my head and said “Those who give praise [or offering] to Padma Makara will receive great blessings.” I had to repeat ‘Padma Makara’ several times in my sleep, to myself, so that I wouldn’t forget the term when I woke up for the day… …during the nap I took this afternoon I heard a voice whisper to me, as if it were calling out to me – addressing me in the way one would when calling a name. It was the voice of a woman – a feminine form that is formless. She called me “Mahari”…

I remember this day — it was sunny out, with puffy clouds moving gently across the blue sky. I was at the Hampton Inn, in Huntersville, North Carolina with my mother and her two small dogs. This was during a time where she’d just began a new contract at Lowe’s corporate. I was trying to figure out what to do with my life.

We lived in the hotel for about three months before we moved to a cookie-cutter neighborhood in Cornelius. My days were spent documenting my dreams and lamenting my inability to comprehend their messages, while my mother went to work. I spent most of my time inside the room, going out for fresh air when I took the dogs out for a walk, or going to the fitness room for a walk on the treadmill. I attempted to engaged dream interpretation from a variety of techniques and none of them made sense to me. Yes, there were times I felt I was going crazy. I’m having dreams where no known technique is alleviating my burning desire to understand what they mean or how they relate to my waking life, and no one knows how to assist me. It was okay though; there was bound to be a massive revelation, that “ah ha” moment somewhere down the line.

This dream came at a time when I questioned the usefulness of seeking assistance from priests or priestesses of established traditions. None of their insights were helpful; they were confusing, and, somewhat damaging: they nearly pulled me away from the solitary path, and almost pulled me into their perception of my dreams and the world. So when I had this dream, it was unexpected. Why would Vishnu come to me? Why would the feminine form that is formless call me awake, addressing me as “Mahari”? How did seemingly ancient Indian references relate to the ancient Egyptian references that the bulk of my dreams embodied?

For that entire day, I did not take a walk on the treadmill, and I rushed the splendor of a leisure walk for the dogs — I wanted to uncover the meaning of “Padma Makara” and “Mahari”. I sat semi-glued to my tablet and searched the world wide web for answers . . . answers that I found to be surprising and an honor. The Mahari’s were the devadasis of Orissa, and they were called as such: Mahari. They were devoted to their duties within the temples; brides of Lord Jagganath, devoting their entire lives to sacred dance and song within the temple walls. In reading this, it answered the questions surrounding the ‘dance’ I was taught in my dreams in the past. It was Odissi that I was learning, not an unknown West African dance.  How derailed one can become if one listens to what others dictate regarding something tailored to an individual where no outside viewer has access to.

I recall flipping through my dream journals for all of the dreams revolving around movement and learning a dance. I was always taught how to move, and not necessarily how to do the steps that we see today. Granted there were about three dreams where I was shown a pose or taught two steps; but the overall content of my dream-time education revolved around philosophy – the how of movement, the need for refinement of my movement, and the need to honor my Indian ancestors.

I wondered if this dream was indicating to me that it was time to start formal lessons. I was open to the possibilities at that time, but was more interested in understanding how the Mahari’s connected to my connection to ancient Egypt.

I wouldn’t find the answer to this until January of 2016.

After reading about the Mahari’s, my attention turned towards the phrase “Padma Makara”. Googled showed me lots of things; I just wanted sure about what they meant and how it was connected to what Vishnu was speaking about. So I left that one alone for about two and a half years.

In the autumn of 2015, I came across a word: padmakara. What was I searching for? I was trying to decipher another statement from my dream-time: what does the “seven petals of the sacred rose” refer to? I’d gotten the hang of referencing the ancient Egyptian mythology as a guide to interpret my dreams, so naturally, I was searching for ancient Egypt’s equivalent of a sacred rose. I discovered that the lotus is more of an oriental representation of the occidental rose. For the ancient Egyptian reference, the lotus is the “sacred rose”. There were two links that caught my eyes when I began to dig deeper into my search, and one of them referenced Padmakara. As soon as I saw this word, it was as if the world began to move in slow motion, my breathing slowed, my head began to spin, and it felt like I was not in my body for a few heartbeats. This word brought up the memory of this dream.

Padmakara means “lotus born.” It was through the Seven-Line Supplication to Padmakara that brought the clarity I sought. Furthermore, if you look at how Sanskrit words are formed [for the most part], you can see that Padmakara is the joining of “padma” and “makara”.

When I look back at the dream and I insert the meaning, it makes me wonder to which lotus born Vishnu is referring to? Am I to take this in the ancient Indian context, or that of ancient Egypt? Or both? And how does being called or referenced to as Mahari tie into all of it?

The treasure hunt continues…


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