The Lineage – the fundamentals . . .


  1. lineal descent from an ancestor; ancestry or extraction:
  2. the line of descendants of a particular ancestor; family.
What needs to be clear is how this concept is used and engaged.
  • Is it referring to human ancestry, or spiritual ancestry?
  • Is there such a concept of spiritual ancestry?
  • Why is a spiritual lineage important?

I like to reference a part of my philosophy that the cosmos embodies and fully supports: for all things tangible, there is an intangible counterpart; for you cannot have the tangible without the intangible. It is an immutable law of nature…and one that sounds like you’ll find in a science foundation lecture.

What this statement means for me is simple: in order to understand my material existence I must first understand my immaterial existence. To just say, “Oh I come from god/goddess/source,” is not enough. Not for me. What does that statement mean for my life? From within what framework was that statement created in order for it to have authority over my existence?

So I do not use it.

For some, a spiritual lineage is embodied within a tradition or order: a set of spiritual or religious beliefs and practices from within a specific culture. One does not necessarily have to be born within or identify with said culture. A couple of examples are the yogic/dance traditions of India, or the Ifa tradition of the Yoruba people in Africa. These beliefs shape and mold the worldview of the practitioner, as well as influences how the practitioner engages life.

Through this lens, a spiritual lineage is passed down from teacher to student in a codified form.

How these lineages came to be is another conversation for another day, or epoch –

What my focus is for this page is to share my lineage, how I came to be aware of it, and how it shapes my worldview [identity, sense of purpose, relationships, etc].

“lineage”. Unabridged. Random House, Inc. 08 Jan. 2016. <Dictionary.com>.


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