Friday, May 30, 2014

I wore lace today, from head to toe: Gold and Black lace Mantilla adorned with pearls for my headdress, a beige laced dress and black lace tube bra from American Apparel, and a beige lace skirt, with a thigh-high split on the right with a nude mini underskirt/slip from Foreign Exchange, body dusted in gold mica as per my ritual practice within my lineage/tradition, and a pair of flip flops just because I’m in the tropics. ^_^


It was a day to finally rent a motorbike, sot at I may get around more efficiently. The room I am renting for the month is on Laplapan, a 30 minute walk to the city of Ubud [to the Arjuna Statue to be precise]. Having learned the hard way that I would be charged for every trip into town, and that walking during the heat of the day would drain me each and every time, it was necessary to rent a bike. 


So I searched many places for a decent price for a 10 day rental. By the time dusk arrived, I settled on a little booth that stands at the entrance of the roadway that leads to Dragonfly Village. Before I began negotiating a price, someone called out to me from the street.


“Excuse me, I saw you walking earlier, and I thought, ‘Wow, what is this’? I cannot comprehend you; you are very beautiful.”


I smiled and said thank you. He bowed from his upper body, I bowed my head in acceptance, and then he left.  Not sure which country he was from – could have been Europe, or New Zealand, or Australia…


The white-haired man that wore white, left in the same direction he came from…


Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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