OF Gold….

I decided to be present for and participate in a Spring Equinox celebration, this past Saturday….facilitated by a Shamanic Practitioner [his label, not mine].

I arrived with two colleagues/peers from school; we were a bit late, yet  just in time – the drumming did not begin. The participants and host were standing in a circle on the labyrinth.

The three of us found a space to stand within the circle and waited for things to begin. The practitioner put his drum down and proceeded to the center of the labyrinth to light the sage so that my peers and I would be cleansed.

This post is pretty much about what was witnessed by another participant when it was my turn to be cleansed. I’m highlighting this because it has a lot to do with my practice and the work I will be doing in this world/lifetime. Nothing dramatic or way out there…just something that will stick with me as I further engage my work that I wanted to share.

After we finished the first part of the equinox ceremony, just before we went inside to eat, a woman [another colleague/peer] approached me to share her experience of when I was being smudged/cleansed.

“I saw your aura.”

Of course, I got excited about that and  was curious to know the color(s) she saw/what she observed. She  wrote them down so that she wouldn’t forget while I guessed the color(s).

I said purple, and she said that color showed up during meal times this past seminar we were both in attendance for, but did not show up in those moments. She asked me to guess again.

I did not know what else to say; I wanted to say a particular color yet didn’t think it was the case. So I said turquoise.

She said she saw gold…like a gold-orange color with light. She also said that once the smoke hit the area around my throat and forehead the colors lit up and flared outward, sparks flying here and there.

I was  not surprised, yet surprised…I thanked her for her observation and pondered about the gold.

I’ve been adorning my face with gold [and sometimes on my body at night] for a little while now.

Why? Well, it has been a theme in my dreams for some time. My dreams have informed my waking life; this is something I am exploring within my research interests.

And to hear of someone else’s experience of me during ceremony is more than enough confirmation…

This is not to say that because of adorning myself with gold, my aura will have gold within it. I’m just sharing this because there is a connection there – it’s all in my dream material and it is something I will share more of as I move forward in my work.


Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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