Path less traveled…

Drifting to sleep, my body fell into a state of natural paralysis, while my mind maintained its grasp on my external surroundings.

Remaining aware of going into REM sleep used to scare me to the core. I would encounter those that have crossed over, being left with the task of delivering messages to family members. In some cases, I would be pulled into a space that existed in the realm of the unseen, traveling landscapes that would never exist on the realm of the seen as the tangible reality.

Nowadays, I willingly jump out of myself during the process of falling into sleep. If I’m exhausted, I don’t give anyone or anything the luxury of speaking to me while in that state. I usually invite them to the land of dreams to speak. It’s hard enough to get a full night’s rest these days; having conversations during REM is the last thing I want when I’m exhausted.

Which brings me to a recent experience:

As I welcomed sleep, I felt the onset of REM state, and was curious about any new developments with regards to my growth and process. My curiosity was satisfied by a visitor…

A visit from the masculine part of myself.

The last encounter I had with myself was earlier this year. He relayed a message I had difficulty integrating into my being. Who wants to ‘wear a gold crown’; letting go of everything that is not in support of the changes that come with the responsibility of ‘wearing a crown’?

Everything you thought you knew; everything you thought you should be doing is naught but delusional whimsies. The realization of what you are to be doing requiring a re-evaluation of self, purpose, and associations.

The work done up to know has been fruitful. This time he showed up as a High Priest, revealed a bit of information that reassured me that I am indeed doing my work and am on the right path…

I wish to serve you.

What better way for your ‘Other Self’ to come to you and consummate the law of balance. ‘I Wish to Serve You’. I’d like to serve me too! As a matter of fact, I am serving me. In doing so, I am helping others.

The sad part about this experience was the response I received after sharing it with someone I looked to for assistance when my experiences are beyond my usual scope of experience.

When people practice a set path, their ‘everything’ is shaped and molded by that path. So when someone outside of their path comes along, their interpretation of the Other is from their own experience. Whatever happened to lending ear to the experience of the individual before placing your blanket of understanding/seeing/experience on the Other?

It boils down to, once again, limiting the ‘who’ I share to and how I share what it is I share.

But that’s with everything right? So why should this be any different??

I’m beginning to see that the path I am to take, is one less traveled, if not existent. A priestess recently said to me

“You must follow your heart. However if you choose to do so, it will be lonely at times. It’s a hard road to travel for many.”



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