Snippet of a Draft…

I grew up in a house of Wisdom and Royalty. My biological father, a Priest of an age old Yoruba tradition out of the continent we now call Africa [Ifa]; my step-father, the man my mother married [and later divorced], a Prince – one of the many sons of an exiled King [may he rest in peace]; my mother,  a woman that possess within her blood knowledge she has yet to come to terms with. 

Life for me was easy, fun, magical, enjoyable. 

As a child [and still to this day], mirrors always fascinated me. Their ability to reflect felt like a façade to me because the truths of all matters were hidden behind the glass. I liken this observation to the way of my life – as above, so below, the truth concealed behind the reflection. It is not the reflection that matters most; it’s what is hidden beneath the surface that is key.

Here I am, emerging from one way of being into another, one that is not written where I can emulate. Rather, it is already written – in a book within myself yet shared across space with my predecessors. There is nothing ‘out there’ that details how to be…

This isn’t the yoga of India, the Zen of Japan, or the Martial Art of China. It is a secret society whose secrets have been very well kept through millennia. This is a reintroduction to something that has been kept hidden for far too long.

The very thing that stars are made of, is the same material that the human body is made of. If one were searching for the blueprint of the human body, one would have only to look up. If one were to search for the perfect model for growth and transformation, one would have only to look up. For all things Tangible, there is an Intangible counterpart…




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