At the Crux…

PP Music (UK) – “Ultimatum” — The Lost Sequel-


They have spoken; those who have come before me – my ancestors. It is their Mystery I am to be initiated into first.

They have spoken; those who came before me – my predecessors. It is into their Mystery I am to be introduced, above all else.

And there is the crux of my journey, the tug of war between two powers – Ancestry and Sovereignty.

I traveled to an unfamiliar land to seek a solution, the most favorable solution. It is my desire to be Introduced into the Mystery of my predecessors first. Sovereignty is all I desire to accomplish first hand.

The Oracle spoke. It said both mysteries is where I belong, however, Ancestry comes first.

If left alone, a power struggle between the two with me in the middle, would ensue. I knew this deep down. So I petitioned the Oracle to mediate with my ancestors, and allow me to enter the mysteries of my predecessors first.

The petition was granted, provided a condition is met: appease those who came before me. Very well, then…very well.

My predecessors rejoiced!  However, this petition did very little to placate them.

They are eager, with such intensity, I do not sleep well some nights. They speak through my dreams and say I must come to them; they petition higher powers beyond the Nature of Earth to speak to me in my dreams, urging me to go to the Mystery of my predecessors. No rest is gained when my dreams are filled with such intensity.

An equivalent exchange must take place…payment for services never seems to fail when dealing with the human aspect of existence. Perhaps if my predecessors are eager enough, they will petition to the Oracle for a means to manifest so that I can give what is necessary in order for me to go through the ceremony. In the end, no one, no being of flesh and blood, is above Spirit/The Universe. When the Oracle speaks, nothing much can change the verdict…

…except maybe an honest, pure and true petition.

An equivalent exchange, huh?

Very well, then…very well.


The Ultimatum in disguise…






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