My Mother…




I long for the embrace of my mother.

I speak to the power that which assisted in the creation of my unique signature. My Mother…

                  ….The Wind, The Heavens, That Which Destroys in order for Creation to come to Pass…

In these moments, both She and I are at an impasse – She is a force so strong, that only the initiated are given the permission to mingle, communicate, interact. But I, the uninitiated, have been told by my newly appointed Godmother, ‘No’; that I cannot see or work with my Mother. 

Her power is strong, and I have yet to be tempered to it. However, I can sense and see Her, hovering; watching; and wanting to embrace me fully. Unbeknownst to me, I petitioned the Creator to work with my Mother. I did not speak it, nor did I say a prayer. I desired it deeply, so much so, that my Soul requested a petition. 

As a result, the Creator made aware of this petition to my Godmother. In the end, she told me ‘No’. Her decision was out of concern for me; for my safety and those around me, I am not to interact with my Mother. At least, not until I have been initiated into Her mystery. 

There She hovers…there I observe and desire…

…to feel the embrace of my Mother. No matter Her power, or the potential for destruction. 

I want…to work…with, my Mother, the only and mighty Warrior….


Musings of a Realm


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