Realization from a Phone Conversation

I wanted to let a faculty member know that I have with me the blessings and knowledge of my truest/essential self, predecessors and ancestors. What it is I seek to bring into the world is something that was agreed upon before even coming here. This is not only my personal belief, it is also something that was revealed to me through my dreams over the course of my 28 years.

What was it that stood out for me in our conversation? That I am going to be dealing with the ‘Western Mindset’ so the program fits this fact.


Yes, that is a huge realization to me. Why? I wasn’t raised with a Western Mindset. I wasn’t raised with a closed Traditional mindset. I was raised ‘beneath the radar’. Given a taste of both, yet constantly encouraged to ALWAYS go within to find the answers; listen to what you feel from within  and always pay attention to your dreams. To this day I still engage in the act and process of listening in. It is a lot more refined, having become my way of doing and being.

Coming to terms with the Western Mindset is not the issue – it’s discovering a way, a tool that I can use in order to get going. All that I have spoken about to many people, especially with regards to sharing some insights on my work, it has usually turned them away. They cannot relate. Or, I’m so fascinating that I appear to be out of reach – some foreign being that just does not belong and they wonder how I’ve made it this far.

I sometimes wonder the same thing…

I had this conversation nearly a week ago; I will allow it to marinate a little longer. It can be used as a guide for creating ‘structure’.



Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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