I’m curious about this topic of becoming a writer and developing a following.

Are you supposed to write about things that people relate to, or write authentically and not be concerned on whether or not people can relate?

Isn’t it mostly about relating that causes people to follow? 

What if you write about things people have no experience of? Things they just simply cannot relate to? Then what do you do?

Keep writing – yes. But then the writing becomes a private affair; a deep love only known to the writer and the chosen tools to write. 

Any thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Curious

  1. It depends on your goal. If you want to develop an audience, then you may have to look for subjects that already have interest. But if you want to explore your own writing in a public forum, then write what’s in your heart. A few people will be interested; most will not be. But in your explorations of what matters most to you, a few topics may catch greater interest, and then you can meld the two goals by continuing to write about those topics. It doesn’t need to be an either-or system… I prefer and-both. This is what I have done in my blog, and so far it is working out nicely for me.

Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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