Saturn Return and starting all over…AGAIN.

Yes, here I am, at age 28…knocked completely off my feet. I thought the demolition of my values, views, beliefs and perspective of the world, life and existence that were destroyed back in 2011 and 2012, WAS the carpet being pulled from beneath my feet.

I suppose that was just the preview. For now, the carpet really is gone.

The appetizer…and now the main course. You are given a sense of what it’s like to have your foundation obliterated, an opportunity to build from within, and then are thrown into the arena to test what you’ve built.

Not many people know what a Saturn Return is, or at least not by its name. It’s that period between the ages of 27 and 29 where the Universe/Life/insert concept here says “Ok, you’re coming into adulthood now. Time to sit down and re-evaluate everything. Go into adulthood with your OWN values and what not. I’ll see you again in another 28years to check up on your progress.”

It’s the point in your life where Saturn returns to its original position in your birth chart when you were born. There’s a lot more precious, accurate and clear info online, if you’re interested in reading more about it.

Nevertheless, I am trying my best to keep my head above the water. I seriously thought I landed a wonderful opportunity in San Luis Obispo – apparently it was a short lived activity, and something I was not to be doing for the remainder of my life…

Jobless, penniless, and sometimes without enough food to eat..the only thing to keep me going is…faith in…?

I am currently staying in Ontario, California, in a room. Some place safe, nonetheless. I guess that’s what’s most important. Having gone through my inventory, I’m seeing the point and purpose of this time…doing my best to take advantage of it…and also hoping that the people that around me at this time remain compassionate.

That can hold up but for so long. Because I do not share the same views, it is really hard to describe my take on what’s going on; of course not without sounding like a lunatic, or a fanatic of astrology with no ‘realistic goals’.

I’ll post later on how I got to Ontario; it all started in San Luis Obispo with dreams of me travelling. Yes, I knew I’d be traveling back in October 2012. I didn’t understand the dreams, or have a sense of timing. I just knew that I’d be traveling.

Why would I? I just landed an awesome job. Travel where and why? For what point and purpose?


Well, here I am now. And I know I’ll be moving yet again – with only my art supplies, some clothes, and important documents, enough to pack a small coupe.

By biggest realization today was – how does one bring into existence that which does not exist when there isn’t a place that is supportive of it?

For it is one thing to bring something into existence that does not yet exist [it’s what we normally do], and another to do so and find that there isn’t a sustainable environment in existence to nurture it…Yet.

Saturn’s lessons are…challenging.



Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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