Worth & Value, Pt. 1

I don’t know how many parts there are to this…so for now, I’ll just say this is the first part possibly more.

I’ve spent money on scrapbook paper that speaks to my work.

I’ve purchased distress inks and beautiful stamps to capture the feel of antiquity.

Had a custom stamp designed for all of my custom work -“Handmade with Bliss by Alaya AD.”

Never having made a scroll using brass tubing, I’ve spent money on that too – some sizes were too small, and the right size – well – cost a little more than expected.

I’ve enrolled myself into a Jewelry Design and Wire Working course at the online Sheffield School –  a way of developing a second source of income JUST for my work.

I’ve finally found the perfect metal to craft my keys – decorated flat brass, copper, and diamond cut sterling silver ; none of which are cheap.

I’ve paid 2 designers to work on a monogram for ‘basic stationery’ printing and a wax seal. When things start rolling, I’ll hire a designer I’ve got my sights on to do an awesome overhaul [although I like what I have for the moment] & that speaks to what I am working on. That’s reserved for the end of next year. The investment is reasonable… Right now I cannot afford it.

Yet when I do get the ultimate design, I will turn to the wax seal designer and have another seal created.

All of this, spending a large amount of money to where I’d have nothing left in the bank – is a pleasure. I’ve never felt so at bliss with working on something larger than myself…for myself…and in preparation to share with others.

It has never been this…peaceful!

That goes without saying – my rent and food are paid for. So that allows a lot of room for purchasing supplies.

I’ve also had to give money to my mother from each paycheck – for about one month thus far- to support her. I’m okay with that. I felt a little down for telling her I couldn’t do it for the next two paychecks if I’m purchasing a ticket to fly to her at the end of December.

She’s not working and her situation isn’t really good at all.

The push and pull – of wanting to be there, yet also wanting to honor oneself.




I’m not paid much…less than a grand per month… It’s been fruitful, though. I’ve managed to get a hold of key individuals to add to my Team – the very TEAM I spoke about in earlier posts! That’s Awesome!

I’m now sitting with the idea of fiscal sponsorship and seeking grants. It will come to that. If I’m going to have consultants on board – they are going to need to be compensated. Everyone KNOWS I am still in the planning stages. Thank goodness for patience and understanding!

Patience – I am glad to report that I am doing really well with that. All things will happen in time.

And while I support my mother’s decisions, I will do what I can to help her with what I have. Things will open up for her – there’s something to be learned in every situation.

Anyway, I’m going off on a tangent.

All of what I’ve spent thus far – worth every second, minute, penny…



Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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