I searched all day today for a writing tool to help me organize an idea I have – from storytelling software to storytelling online courses…in the end, it was a big FAIL.

I can be such a scatter brain…and I can over think things as well:

     Is it clear enough? 

     IS it captivating enough?

      Am I structuring it Right??

      How do I start it off?

And as I write this to you, it is becoming clear…

But I do have to back up for a bit – my roommate looked at me across the table during my frustrated outburst and stated that I already have all of the answers.

And she’s totally right.

So we scheduled a time where she and I could sit and talk about how to start off my letters and short creative projects [yes, she and I have to utilize our ‘Google’ calendars to get time in].

On top of all of this hoo-ra-ra, I am reserving the larger scale of my story for my memoir. Coaching shall commence at the start of 2013 [I’ve picked out my writing coach, a Jungian analyst, composers, and am happy about how my team for this project is coming together…] so this leaves me plenty of creative space for smaller projects. I can take some of the dreams and create from them.


The perfection I strive for is simply the one I create.


It is my world, after all…is it not?






Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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