The Sea

…of Amrit,

   Amrita – the nectar of the Immortals. The drink of the Heavens. 

I was introduced to this concept through a song called “Amrita (Churning of the Sea of Milk) by Vas [see video below]. 

It evoked within me a feeling of Old…the Ancient feel of Old. I envisioned an ever swirling sea of milk…sweet nectar…

     …nectar out of the reach of Mortals…of… people. It was an idea, initially reserved for the mythological beings we hear about in myths of many cultures. 

…It wasn’t until recently that I came to realize that Amrit is more than just a myth. It is something that truly exists. It is REAL. It’s just as real as the Orchids on the kitchen table, the Maple tree in the front yard…the water in the Oceans of planet Earth.

It has yet to exist openly here, on this plane, on Earth. It exists in a space not too far beyond anyone’s reach. I know this because I have reached it…touched it…tasted it.

And taste it I do…everyday…every moment…in each and Every drink I take.

It has replaced the crystal clear waters of my fountains…

     ….my fountains flow with Amrita, and I am replenished with it  in every, breathing, moment…


Copyright © 2012 Alaya A. Dannu
The writer, Alaya A. Dannu, reserves all reproduction rights. No work may be reproduced in any form or fashion, no derivative copy made whatsoever with out express, written consent of the writer.




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