I’m in a space to speak my truth more often than before. I think that is great!

Perhaps it’s my being at Windhorse that is allowing me to cultivate such richness in authenticity.

Kala, you’ve inspired me to start sharing in a way that just might ease this building surge of the Unconscious…the Primordial depths deep within me. I know that the majority of my work is for a specific audience [yeah! I’ve finally found my audience]…while at the same time, sharing in other ways outside of this audience is just as okay.

But it will be cryptic to most. I am sorry for this – and yes, I am apologizing for it – but it is my most authentic way to be, considering the current circumstances. At least for now, I will share with you in this way.

My project is slowly underway, as I slowly yet purposefully create and gather my Team [Yeah! I’ve finally started that too]. Yes, I fully intend to write my memoir containing dreams I’ve documented over the last 11 years. This story is about Power, Magic, Revelation, and Purpose. It is ME.

And so, I will start with¬†Contemplations…these are Tender Journal entries [the entries of thoughts, insights and impressions]. They can go as quickly as they come; holding them, grasping them so that they are not lost is a skill that must be cultivated. It doesn’t come easily.

I’ve not shared these entries yet…so…


Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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