Greatest Love of all…

…does not come from another being of Flesh and Blood. 


At least, not in my world.

The Greatest Love…

It comes from the Primordial Waters of creation…that great space of expansion, darkness and light of One.

To be shown…to be fully supported by this force, is a blessing beyond and above all things. Nothing else can come close.

Nothing else.

There is no desire left within me to be validated by sentient beings…beings of Flesh and Blood…humans…people… or ideologies created by them.  

In the world of today, I listen…I am present…I show up. That’s all that is needed from me. And in return I am provided the space to cultivate that which is Essential Me. In every form, fashion, quality…

I am supported by a force far greater than the human consciousness. Far older, ancient and wise…

…this supports me in going to places many wouldn’t dare venture. 


Oh no…there is naught…

What exists is support from the stars and the ancient. There is nothing anyone can say or do that will deter me. I am fully supported…

And I honor it by being true.




Copyright © 2012 Alaya A. Dannu


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