The Force that is…

Seven days to drive across the country…

Seven days to arrive at my destination…

Born on the Seventh day…

Of the Seventh month of 7th Julian Calendar…

Such a powerful number.

It all began with a simple phone call – a friend wanting to know where I was [was I still abroad or back in the States]; wanting to hear my voice; wanting to know how my state of being was.

We spoke; he heard and listened. So I went to see one of his friends. He understood my desire to be near the water – it’s a power source for me; the closest embodiment to the flow that exists in the space – to the flow that which moves the galaxies, creates the stellar nurseries, and fuels a star.

I went to see his friend –  she is now my friend. She provided me with the means to get to the West coast, which is where I need to be; which is where I am.

…With an intriguing stop along the way…


Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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