There’s a sort of magic to the Universe. It comes out of nowhere because it is everywhere. In the most sincerest of moments, it’s tangible – you CAN hold it in your hands, your feet, your body, your thoughts.,.,your very being.

But in the desperation that clouds your vision of it, it’s muted, unseen, untouched, unheard.

Sitting at my computer, preparing to read my gmail, a song came to mind, “Seraphim”, by City of the Fallen. It was in my mind, my body, reverberating throughout my entire being. I began to feel light and lifted. I’d just sent an email to my Alma Mater with regards to my ambitious ambition, and I felt good about it.

And so I sat at my computer, reading over Google’s offer for business apps and accounts, when Seraphim began to rise from deep within. Something said to look to my iPod  and listen to the song. At first I nodded absentmindedly, noting that I’d do so after I’ve read through the webpage.

But not being able to concentrate on it, I looked to my iPod, and placed the earphones into my ears. Lo and behold, it was Seraphim playing….


Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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