Are there limitations to surrendering to your dreams? Again, I’m not talking about hopes and aspirations…

I often wonder if I’m limiting myself with what I’m doing. Part of it is I don’t know who to ‘show’, other than be a walking advertisement when I do go out.

Or maybe I need to just have a little more faith in the bigger picture. Because each time I begin to sink back, sink away from this pursuit of sharing my dreams with the collective, I have a dream about some wise and knowledgeable aspect of myself, telling me that I MUST share my dreams; it’s vitally important that I do.

Ok, great!

Now how about you show me how?

I do have a few ideas – since my work ins’t entirely just “Art”, or ‘Dance” or “Jewelry Design”, I should look for opportunities that honor what it is that inspires or MAKES my art – and that’s the THEME of my Dreams.

Hm, the theme. Well considering that, it makes it all the more challenging.

Not everyone is ready to let go…



Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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