I express my dreams through my artwork. Since storytelling is the oldest form of expression, my pieces tell a story.

We are often asked to “tell a little” about ourselves; I’m often at a loss with this request because, well, what exactly are you seeking to hear? If you want to know a little bit about me, well I’m an artisan, guided and informed by my dreams. Any attempts to sidetrack are futile and usually thrown overboard by my psyche.

Did you know that your dreams actually tell you a LOT about yourself – who you are, where you are going, where you SHOULD be going, and how to get there? Yes, dreams really provide that kind of information.

Where do dreams come from? The very deeps of self – your subconscious…that all knowing wellspring located at the core of your being. Not your skull, or your physical beating heart; they come from that untouchable, intangible place within.

But the ever elusive answer I seek to this question is: How do you surrender yourself to yourself, and still thrive in today’s society? I thrive while creating pieces that express the different themes of my dreams, but it has only yielded one sale.

For the most part, I’m okay with that; in just creating my pieces I’m in Bliss – no worries, not a care in the world! Yet when those around me ask what it is I’m going to do about money, I honestly don’t have an answer that satisfy them.

I recently did an interview for a jewelry company to be a merchandiser. I felt this would be an awesome opportunity to learn the ropes of entrepreneurship while having a supportive network, and gain ideas on how to further my work. I won’t know the results until next week, but my point in bringing that up is, if it’s a necessity for me to work for someone else, let it be to my benefit as well. I have a tendency to want to leave after I’ve learned the essentials, because I’ve found that’s all I need – the essentials – and then it’s time to go. So I’ve never kept a ‘job’ for more than a year. Each one I’ve had always ended due to an uprising of dreams that would point me into an entirely different direction. What employer wants to hire someone that will not stay longer than 3 months in this economic climate??

My pieces make themselves, and reproducing them is unheard of. If I do make an attempt to reproduce a piece, I fail miserably, wasting materials in the process.

I don’t have an audience yet; still searching.

I have yet to create a ‘following’; but as I review my past and new dreams, I’m beginning to wonder if there’s an entirely different approach I should be taking.

This isn’t the ‘typical’ quest for self-expression.




Copyright © 2012 Alaya A. Dannu
The artist, Alaya A. Dannu, reserves all reproduction rights. No work may be reproduced in any form or fashion, no derivative copy made whatsoever with out express, written consent of the artist.


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