Summer Update

What am I up to:

I’ve surrendered to my Dreams – that literally translates to I’ve surrendered to the depths of myself, since it knows best.

How’s it working out for me? Well, I’m coming to realize this is a lot larger than myself, in every sense of its essence.

I’ve decided to listen to what my dreams have to reveal to me about my path and purpose, and how to carry on day to day. I’ve also began a daily practice of deepening communication with myself and that which is larger than myself.

And I am not referring to my personality when I speak of ‘myself”. Call it ‘Soul’, ‘Higher Self’, the ‘Universe’, whatever tickles your fancy – it’s what’s deepened my desire to move forward each day.

I’ve learned to channel; I’ve dreamt of my Voice; I see, I hear, I feel. I don’t identify as being psychic,  – I’m just gifted; as is, apparently, everyone else on this planet. I’ve just taken the time to reacquaint myself with my Self. So, those of you that know what “Clairsentience, Clairaudient, and Clairvoyant” are, great! Those are some of the tools I use to guide myself. Those of you that haven’t the slightest idea as to what I’m talking about, well here’s what I mean: I use imagery, felt sense/physical feeling/sensations, and auditory experiences to pave my way, to receive, and gain a greater understanding for pretty much everything. When I don’t listen [exercising choice] I feel sick and unbalanced. So to do or not to do? That’s an easy question to answer.

I do not seek validation or acceptance from that which exists outside of myself. I no longer need to [as most of do] since it is not in alignment with my purpose…or sense of well-being for that matter.

That’s a luxury worth fawning over. So if you haven’t begun fawning over yourself, you’d better get started. It’s the sweetest thing next to Chocolate [and if you don’t like Chocolate, insert your favorite what-have-you here___].

I craft jewelry that represents the power and messages in my Dreams. I paint, dance, draw, sketch – everything I DO represents what my Dreams reveal to me.

I’m working on a website to sell my items, in addition to Etsy. The difference between the two is one is free to list items, the other isn’t. ^_^

I’m seeking the prize: I will be applying to a couple of TED programs in order to involved a much larger human community to accomplish phase I of my lifetime purpose. In order for me to reach phase II, phase I has to be completed. Besides, it’s a burning factor I’d  gladly give myself over to anyway.

It’s my BLISS to be involved with my Dreams [which translates to it’s a bliss to be involved with authenticity]. It is BLISSFUL engaging in creative tasks that bring my Dreams to form.

I am a ‘Dream-maker’, and I have a message to share.

If you’re interested in keeping up to date beyond this blog, you may join my email list:


It’s August – I’m also nearing the end of the process of moving. Mother’s house has been sold, and we all have to be out by the 31st. So, I will help her move to Florida, and from there, I will go to ______.


So I’ve got a lot on my plate – nevertheless, I must keep in mind to manage my health. Being G6PD deficient requires a fine tooth comb in detail, sharp listening skills for my body, and a desire to maintain equilibrium…of which I am getting much better at.

Lastly, Dawn awaits me everyday. I didn’t meet Dawn this morning, but I shall tomorrow morning. ^_^


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