IN Sight…

Is that Large enough for ya?

I wanted to get a good look at it while I generated this post…and I wanted you to have a nice view of it…even if just to gaze in awe.

I took this photo two and a half years ago, while I was vacationing in Japan. I took a few pictures of the Golden Temple [it was kinda cold that day]..although not as many as I would have liked [like the amount I took of Himeji Castle].

As I go on, day to day, moment to moment, I try to remain in my state of bliss. I do that by engaging in my work. I do allow myself to wonder about the what if’s, only to finally say “Hey, if you can’t do anything about it, stop worrying.” And then I go about my business.

So I am reminded of this picture. It’s serene, and brings me to a state of awe, wonder, fanciful thoughts and giddiness. It’s like being transported to a dream; to a place where stories come to life.

My Realm…looks kinda like this.

I am still creating my story. I’ve erased a lot of things; I’ve had writer’s block, but it has taken a whisper from the Universe to get me farther across the ocean; A release from the bondage of thinking that I had to HAVE my major stuff ready for the world. It’s still not my time yet. Kinda sucks, but I guess it cannot be helped.

In the meantime –

I get to rest and restore my body…well focus on restoring my health.

Which means I don’t have to worry about anything. If the Universe says I need to focus on my health, my body, and take care of myself, well, I’m going to do that in ways that assist the process.

That includes editing the pictures that adds ‘Oomph” to my spark…like the one above.

I am a Realm, a place of Unity, a space of Indivisibility, where Rejuvenation and Creation comes to pass. This picture is a gentle reminder of that…


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