The “existential” – Lifelong Obsession


Taking photos of doors and doorways. .:.and sometimes windows.:.

I’m obsessed with them. I know why but I don’t why. I mean…they’re Beautiful!!

Let’s take the book first –

This is where knolwedge is scribed, stored, kept. Ancient tomes that speak of otherworldly things, power, other realms, and more. I mean, I could go on and on.

And I wish I had a piture of an awesome book to include. Alas, I do not.

Which leads me to my next lifelong obsession: DOORS and DOORWAYS!!

I’ve got pics for those. I’ll post two and then you can catch a glimpse of the other ones on…Pinterest, maybe??

The dream I had this morning showcased Large red double doors. The only resemblance here is that the one in my dreams was decorated with beautiful engravings; no, I wasn’t able to see the detail.

They were to doors to my house, and were wide open; the panels opening outwards. I’d looked out of the window, slightly alarmed because there were people out there. The general public was out and about, and they were not allowed inside my house.

I turned to my cousin, yelling “Close the f@*king doors!!” 

He’d been the last one to come in, and he thought it was okay to leave them open for other people to come in.

It was NOT okay. Not just anyone could come in. Standing in the doorway, I reached my hands out, and brought them towards me. As I did this, the doors closed shut, silently. You’d think that huge wooden doors would make a sound. These didn’t.

I ran to the window, hoping that no one was attempting to push through my doors.  A police car drove by, it’s lights and sirens on. I was thankful that they didn’t stop at my house. I did feel the slight shift in energy, when my doors were open, that the people outside were about to come in. Immediately after closing the doors, I felt a calm, as if the urge to come in suddenly disappeared.

Turning away from the window, I felt better. I knew that not just anyone could enter my house. Certain people were allowed, but not Everybody…


Well that was in response to something that was troubling me the night before. Yeah, and I dreamt of this. I got it; I understand now. But it leaves me wondering how to make the next move. I’ll ask and see what ‘shows’ up.



  Never apply any theory, but always ask the patient how he feels about his dream images. For dreams are always about a particular problem of the individual about which he has a wrong conscious judgment. The dreams are the reaction to our conscious attitude in the same way that the body reacts when we overeat or do not eat enough or when we ill-treat it in some other way. Dreams are the natural reaction of the self-regulating psychic system.  – Carl Jung. 

Analytical Psychology: Its Theory and Practice: The Tavistock  Lectures. (1935). In CW 18: (retitled) The Tavistock Lectures. pg. 123


Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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