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« Jan 17, 2008,

  • ….We generally seek out each other but for him to be willing to share his knowledge and want a family means his time has come to an end. Immortal souls tire and when that happens, they start again and go to sleep, becoming one of the “young”. Very few choose the path of an immortal and only immortals really recognize each other – immortals and those very close to it. Again not in the physical sense but rather the spiritual sense… 


I have met beings like that…and it’s happening quiet frequently now. Like as soon as I close my eyes to drift to sleep, I see tons of them, their eyes are just so THERE…Present. They couldn’t be coming to me as if seeing me as their hope now would they?

The feelings I got from the Immortal: old and tired. He felt really old. Like he was searching for something; he wore things like the head of the house or of a clan/lineage would wear – the aura he carried identified him with a certain something…hard to describe it. To grasp the concept, my mind saw what he wore as a 3piece suit, but it was more elaborate in ‘feel‘. His eyes, I believe were black…hair was black and then gray, it began as jet black to a jet-black gray mixed kind of thing…long, to about his waist in his true form, yet when I saw him as a ‘man’ with the cane, his hair was short, like how Antonio Banderas used to wear it {that was the first image that came to mind, sorry}; his build was medium but felt powerful; his personality was down to earth {if you can apply that to his realm} but very wise and old…not the kind that thinks he’s above all…at least not at this stage now, since his kind is dying out; the dream wraped around him. When I got to the ruins, it was him [the ruins itself was him or an expression of him], the scenery around us was his landscape; he has a world or realm or illusion maybe even? And in his initial appearance as the man with the cane, he felt fluid, but when I saw him in his true form {long haired immortal or whatever he is} he sort of felt fluid but with a slight bit of solidity, not much but noticeably there.




«Dec 1, 2007,
…So we had a small conversation, the Immortal and I.  He was wondering what I was doing on the campus and I was wondering what he was doing on campus. I told him I was looking for knowledge, seeking to go back to school, and he at first didn’t say why. He only smiled a sorrowful smile and looked down for a moment, as if to contemplate his next words. He eventually looked at me and said he was looking for someone ‘worthy’.

…I began to grow fond of him, despite how old he truly was and what power he possessed. And he of me.

Overall he seemed to have been searching for someone worthy of passing knowledge to, and also for creating a bloodline that would possess this same knowledge.  He said that he had been searching for sometime and couldn’t find anyone until now.

I know it seems odd, and I only got bits and pieces. The old ruin was so beautiful…and this is one of those ‘wish I didn’t wake up’ type of dreams….


Coming up next: THE DYNASTY

Had some interesting dreams; the most interesting one was the very last one I saw as I woke up:

I was taken to Egypt (or abducted, depending on how you look at it) to an excavation site where a group of people [not all were scientists] uncovered something great in one of the pyramids… …lit by small beams of sunlight… …a few ancient items in the middle…

The man that had me brought to Egypt… …it was the blood of a dynasty… …gave power to create a dynasty…



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