Said Souls…continued…

Continued from “Said Souls of My Children” – 

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«Nov 24, 2007,

… *Urios, and the guardian for the child I am supposedly supposed to have is named *Ethania. Urios and Ethania [male and female respectively] seem to be related/siblings/or close to each other, like they’re two parts of the same whole.

I know it’s amazing to catch wind of and/or communicate with your own spirit guides/guardians; but to actually meet with the guides that are supposed to be guardians to your future children?? That’s amazing!

Right before the egg donation procedure, there was a ceremony. *Xuriyous [one of my guardians] was present, as well as the two guardians for my future children, and then another powerful entity that had a vested interest in both souls and myself. I’m apparently providing for something to be brought into this world through these two souls.

All those in attendance were extremely powerful. The intensity of said power felt like the weight of the ocean, moon and stars – just intensely indescribable. We gathered in a circle, surrounding a massive light in the middle that represented the essence/elements of my future children, of which came from my essence and from another. Xuriyous seemed to have been in charge of the ceremony. What I felt was a slight pull and a culmination of power and energy. It was like being present for the making of something great…


After the procedure:

As I traveled back to NY today, I dreamt of the soul of my future son…his eyes held the power of an ancient deity, the origin of his power coming from the essence of me and his father. Each time I asked the powers that be to see him, I would be shown his soul or bits of pieces of when he’s to be born. But when I would ask to see the face of his father, I would be given the privilege of feeling his power but never see his face.

Obviously it’s not time to see his face yet. It comforts me to know that his soul is just as powerful. I haven’t met him yet, but I feel very watched.


*Names with asteric have been changed


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