Said Souls of My Children…

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« Oct 18, 2007,
The night before last…Tuesday night into Wednesday morning, I had a dream about the intended parents for my egg donation.

There was a gathering in the Ethereal world due to my actions of becoming an egg donor. An odd place it was – a space of swirling hues of light; the only tangible thing to walk on was the light itself. Perhaps it was the perfect place for this gathering…

I met my daughter, well at least her soul, and she’s like a mini me in essence. The situation surrounding her creation appears to be similar to mine: she being born into a blood/family line to bring about some kind of change. Ancestors from both sides wanted to meet me; apparently they’ve heard about me in the Ethereal world and wanted to see for themselves who I am.

So I met them all, as well as the intended father. He seemed to have approved almost immediately.

I felt like I was the more powerful one there…I mean everyone present had power but I stood out a great deal. I think in the future I will end up meeting her….which is something I want.

« Oct 27, 2007»,
I dreamt last night about creating the soul for the little girl that will be born into the family after I donate my eggs. It must hold some significance if this is the second time I’m dreaming of it.

After I gave birth to her in the Ethereal world, this strange woman appeared; I think she was an extended family memeber on my  mother’s side, but far down the line.

She had in her right hand this thing that collected souls of newborns. She looked at me right before I gave birth and said,

  ‘You’re going to make your baby say the name of my child right?’  

Once that is done, that thing she calls her child takes the soul away, killing the newborn, making hers powerful. It’s like she was holding some kind of soul bag or a bag that collected souls, calling it her son. It was very,  not-so-friendly. Before she could come any closer, another woman, about the same age as the soul collecter, came out of nowhere and said,

‘Woman leave that girl and her baby alone.’

She looked to me and said,

‘Child, go on ahead and I’ll sit right here to make sure she doesn’t come after you. I won’t let her touch that baby; she gotta get through me first before I let that happen’.

She said it just like that.

I immediately knew then that there was a conflict on my mother’s side of the family in the Ethereal world; me giving another family a child and whatever power that will be born with her, didn’t sit too well with some of the older ancestors.

The not-so-happy ancestors also tried to serve me food to poison the baby. I started to cut the edges off but then just threw the whole thing away. They then tried to have a snake bite me so that the poison would kill the baby once I breast fed her.

Can you believe this?



«  Nov 24, 2007, 11:01am,

I know that there is something going on in the Ethereal world, and I have been envisioning a lot of things I have no understanding of, and yet, some sense of understanding it.

I used to say to close friends and family about two years back at how I wanted to have children or something like that, at a young age? In one aspect, being an egg donor has helped to alleviate that for me and to also help a couple have a child.

Well the night before the procedure, in my dream, I saw Two angels/guardians: one for the child that will be born to these parents, and the other for a child that will be born to me. The intended parents will have a girl, and her guardian’s name is…

[to be continued…]


The dream shows the inner truth and reality of the patient as it really is: not as I conjecture it to be, and not as he would like it to be, but as it is. – Carl Jung. “The Practical Use of Dream Analysis” (1934). In CW 16:The Practice of Psychotherapy. pg. 304


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