Four of Disks

The Universe always delivers.


I woke up at 8am this morning, determined to get a lot of work done.  There was one choreography I had to finish learning, one I still have to finish creating, and a costume that needs to be done for filming of both choreographies AND a performance this Friday.

I did a sound meditation, got out of the bed at 8:30am, did my morning bathroom routine, ate some fruit for breakfast, fed the dogs, and got to creating.

No longer calling myself a ‘Bellydancer’, I’ve fallen into the realm of ‘no-named dance’ land. It’s pretty neat, since it’s my unique style of expression, drawing from all ranges of movement experience.

I truly LOVE it!

That also means I do not have a generic costume look.

But I have one in mind…and I’m excited about it.

I love lace. I love to wear lacy things. ^_^ And I want to perform in lace…for the most part. I’ve never performed a Burlesque number, nor have I taken a class [it’s one of my goals]. If you were to look at my costume, you’d probably assume my number has something to do with Burlesque.

On the contrary, my piece has everything to do with my Dreams. My costume…well, aside from loving lace, I do have a fond appreciation for the female form [I am obsessed with my own body, har, har!] and I like to decorate myself in the most artistic, yet tasteful way. Why lace?

It’s sensually sexy, and looks nice. On a deeper level, there’s that mystery of what’s hidden and being revealed both at the same time. So it’s sort of  dressing in a Paradox. Which leads to the messages in my Dreams.

So it’s all interconnected, in some form or fashion.

Will I ever do a Burlesque number? Um, well, I’d end up defining my own niche within the realm of Burlesque. I’m really into story telling, with the awesomely, artful and tasteful use of lace.

On with my post.

So I worked on my costumed for HOURS! From 8:30am to 4:51pm. Not wanting to neglect my choreography or the learning of the second choreography for an audition, I ate a light snack [had lucnh sometime earlier] and buckled down to stage 2.

I must say, I pretty much have the audition choreo done! Whoo hoo! After taking a one year hiatus from dance, I’m glad to see that I still have it in me.


The choreography that I am creating is the prologue to The Eternal Return. It will be the first of a series of choreographies for my story…my everything! Yes, a repertoire is starting to bud.

Okay, so why did I title it “The Eternal Return: Prologue”? Well, the concept has a lot to do with my Dreams, but I was also inspired by Mircea Eliade’s work: The Myth of The Eternal Return. You should pick up a copy if you don’t have it.

Not only am I obsessed with my body [and existence], I’m obsessed with the concept of personal power, knowledge of one’s origin [beyond common thought of self-image], and source of self. Eliade’s book has some pretty good points that resonate deeply with me.

Anywho, I am excited about how much work I got done today! I ceased all activities at 9pm.

I fell…really good… I’m on that natural high. Oh yeah!

So, what does this have to do with the Four of Disks [or Pentacles, depending on what school of thought you prefer]? Hm, well, why don’t you do some self education and find out. ^_^ Your homnework assignment.

I just think Grosenburg’s posts come at the perfect time.

I’ll post the audition video once its been uploaded…

Until then!


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