Crystalline Sphere Revealed

Today must have been a prosperous day! Well yeah it is- it’s the 7th day of June.

Lucky number 7.

I was determined… determined to find my calligraphy pens I so coveted while I was in South Korea 3 years ago. While I did find them, I found something more valuable: The hard copies of my story – The Crystalline Sphere!

I KNEW that I would find the answers I was searching for through the hard copies. My handwritten notes are inside of the folder; drafts and key concepts scribbled on edges of papers; my outlines and new ideas to edit the story…all there.

But there was one sheet of paper in particular that I was really wanting to find. I felt it would reveal more.

And it did. I felt such a wave of relief and excitement; it was so massive, that there was a sunshower this evening.


A prosperous day indeed…

So, what is the Crystalline Sphere?

Wouldn’t you like to know. ^.^


Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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