Ace of Wands

Two days ago, Grosenburg published his Tarot of the day: the Ace of Wands.

I woke up feeling…energized. I had an image of a key in mind, and I wanted it to make itself.

There I go again…me and my keys. What are my keys for? Why do I make them?? I had a feeling this particular key played a very important significance to that question.

After stretching and fixing a light yet hearty breakfast, I turned on my music, sat down at the bay window, and allowed my hands to work their magic. I just watched.

A key, created by 22 gauge, smoky quartz craft wire, created itself. Beautiful, and intriguing. I was amazed at how it made itself…how it looked [looks, whichever tickles your fancy], and the awe I felt once finished. I knew deep down that recreating it would be a little difficult, and that it wouldn’t hold the same awe as the original. So I have no intention of even trying…unless I’m guided to do so.

As I sat and gazed at my key, I felt a nudge to look amongst my work space. Glancing over the already made keys and bits of wire, my eyes fell upon a ring – a key that once was, yet no longer was. I’d turned it into a prototype of something.

I picked it up and just stared at it for a while. Grabbing an extension of it, I pulled, shaped and molded until it became what it was supposed to. I sat it back upon the table, and realized I’d made a corridor…a gateway…or, a prototype of the door to a corridor.

It looks like a wire ring, with waves of swirls around it’s diameter. It is supported at the bottom by extensions of two arms of waves and swirls. I won’t upload the prototype, since I didn’t take a picture of it; but I’ll surely upload the finished duplicate.

Ah…the finished duplicate. That created itself too.

You should have seen me work! Two wires of different colors, sitting on a plush cushion stool, lost in my work, sometimes hearing sometimes not hearing the music. Once it was done, I was amazed at the detail, and wondered if I’d be able to create another? If it’s necessary, perhaps.

I looked from my corridor to the key and then back at the corridor again. I realized in those moments I created another piece to the puzzle…or, another piece to the puzzle manifested itself to me.



Now, I keep saying ‘corridor’ as if I really created an opening or hall/path. It’s more like a gateway or a door to the corridor. I’ll refer to it as the corridor anyway.

In those moments, I developed a better understanding as to why I’ve created so many keys; as to what the keys symbolize. The keys are what unlocks the corridor.

That simple:

The Key and Corridor – the keys are what unlocks the corridor. Each key coincides with ONE corridor. There are as many keys as there are corridors. A Queen’s Key unlocks them all. The Queen’s Key is one whom is the Crown.

That may sound like a riddle to you, but I totally get it now! The word ‘corridor’ can be synonymous to ‘path’. In this case, the keys unlock a corridor – a corridor has to points. Opening one end, opens the other end, connecting the two.

A Key is a vessel. It’s not a matter of having the ‘right’ key, it’s a matter of having the right frequency to properly utilize the key and corridor.


Make sense?

Different angles of the Corridor:









The Key:




Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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