Eight of Cups

I have to thank Grosenburg over at Waking Spirals for inspiring this entry.

I received the ‘Tarot of the Day’ in my inbox and thought about waiting until I turned on a computer to open it up; but that voice deep within me urged me to open it. Today was supposed to be the day I didn’t turn on the computer. But I listened and opened it up [I was using the ipod touch that was on hand].

When I did, I almost cried.


Before using the iPod, I’d just had a disagreement with my mother. It’s the same tune that I have no desire to hear, over and over again. I feel like I am being ignored, no matter how many times I speak about my feelings on the topic of disagreement. I fully understand where she’s coming from – but it’s from a place of being that isn’t supportive of my current place and process. So I don’t need to be hearing it. It will, undoubtedly, throw me off track.

I’ve already posted about what it is I need to be doing now. Well, after reading more about the Eight of Cups, the nudge couldn’t be any clearer. The Eight of Cups pretty much says it’s time to let go and move on. Let go of that which is not serving you, that which is not emotionally fulfilling, and move on to that calling for growth.


Time to move on, move out, and away…

Onward and Upward,




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