I AM writing a memoir – a memoir of chronicles…a chronicle of memoirs.

What will be placed within the pages are my dream journal entries and meditations that inform my purpose. Some of my entries are in paper journals…and others are soft copies – the equivalent to an online journal.

I came across a few entries that mentioned the need to create a team and of the deep felt sense of this large group/community/organization that is waiting for me.

Either I have a team out there already and they know, or they’ll know once I become.

It’s not just a silly fascination that’s arisen within me this past week. It’s something that came to surface in 2006, after I graduated from school and returned to NYC; and again in 2010 while I was living and working in South Korea. What’s even more affirming about rediscovering these entries is, I’d mention one of the dancers that had been ‘marked’ for inclusion in this large scale ‘thing’ that needs to be put into action [FINALLY]. This past weekend I’d written her a letter to let her know that I wanted to speak to her about a massive project I am working on.

No coincidence. Only movement.


Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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