Hysteria or Dementia?

Either or? Neither nor? I don’t know yet.

BUT I do know this – I’ve suddenly become overrun with a conundrum of the one and only thing of great importance during the point of this present timeline.

Building my team. Team (with a capital ‘T’)!

Someone to assist me with my writing [editing for structure and grammar – I’ve got the content and way of story-telling covered]; someone really good at marketing; possibly a publicist; someone in the financial department [my mum?]; a videographer; a photographer [from time to time]; AND most importantly, someone that’s really good at putting movement into Music. Yes, a composer that will be able to compose a few pieces from watching a silent video of movement.

Hm, are all of my bases covered?

I guess it’ll come to light once I calm down a bit… 🙂

Why am I stating this? Well, it’s because I’ve suddenly become overrun with a conundrum of the one and only thing of great importance during the point of this present timeline.

I can’t concentrate on anything else…

Except for eating. When I’m hungry, I drop everything and go eat.

I have a writing assignment that I’ll, unfortunately, have to cancel because I can’t concentrate on finishing it.

There’s an eclipse coming up this Sunday; no wonder why my head feels like it’s bursting at the seams.

So, what does it take to tell the world that exists on Earth, of your dreams? Those nighttme dreams?

It takes TeamWork…

I’m sorry if this post *seams* cryptic to you. So much comes to me, it overflows my vessel and I am hardly ever able to contain most of it, which causes bursts of energy and periods of head-hurts.  I then have nothing more to do but allow it to overflow – write, dance, paint, make keys or do something creative in relation to it.

So I will spend one more day contemplating who I need in my team – the skills they need to have; the qualities they MUST embody and exhibit; allow all of that to come to me, without censorship…And THEN, on the day of the eclipse, put out the call.

Sounds like a plan!

Feels about right.

NO looking back and no shrinking away.

I’ve got movement to do tonight! First Ballad!!!!

The makings of a LONG term production. Yikes!

.:.Where’s my team?.:. >.<


Hey, have you ever realized that some people were created just for one thing, and one thing alone?

Try telling that to Ms. Practical and Mr. Skeptic!


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