Finding your Story

It’s after 8am, this Friday morning. I’ve got a lot of writing to tackle. 

There’s dance training to get to as well…about 3-4 hours of it. 

Maybe some organization to my drawings and paintings…or may I’ll get to my movement vocabulary based on my Chronicles.

My personal computer is still in the hands of an awesome technician… My borrowed sister’s MacBook shall remain free of my creative process.

I think the challenge for me, now, is remaining unattached to the outcome of the upcoming adventure. I found my story in my Dream Journals. You know, the journals where you write down the dreams you’ve had overnight while you slept; they’re all connected to my artwork. How fascinating. 

So now I am writing a memoir – a chronicle of memoirs, piecing together the entries of dreams, visions and hypnosis session[s] – to provide a verbal understanding of the how and why of me. How I plan to share this story: an on-going, work-in-progress, series of dance theater productions, solo-gallery shows, and whatever else comes to mind. 

It’s not the art that I’m trying to ‘get out there’.

It’s the message hidden within it. 


Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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