Requiem in D Minor

I wrote this short story as part of a writing assignment six years ago. I can’t seem to find the soft copies of other ones I’ve written. This seems to be the only one still in existence. I love it, though. Rereading it brought happy tears to my eyes.

I will post them in parts; it’s approximately 3,090 words long. I won’t tell you what it’s about, but I will say this: the story is narrated through the thoughts of the main characters. Enjoy!


Requiem in D Minor

© 2006-2012 Alaya AD

            Mondays are long days for me, as are Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Sundays, while Wednesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays are my ‘good to go okay relaxation days’ though I might move the Wednesdays to Thursdays and Thursdays to Wednesdays so I can have a three day weekend instead of a two day weekend and a half, but being a real estate broker and investing in what I have invested in thus far is by far the best that I have accomplished, I must admit and I enjoy my travels, meeting my clients, buying and selling desolate lots, building small establishments like hotels and motels, condos and shopping chains, having tenants and the like, though I’ve tried to buy and sell in the eastern parts of this country but there’s not much to buy or space to build – good space for my market anyway – so I stick to the west, where the land is wide and open but dry and hot mostly, which is something I still fail to see why people would live in a place like that, but if the population grows well then so does the money, and I’m almost near that peak that I desire to be at where I can settle down at last and say, ‘Hun, let’s go to the islands for the weekend, the Bahamas maybe, and then to Scotland for the next two weeks, spend a couple of days in New York City before we head to San Francisco and then take a road trip back to Houston.’  Of course we’d have to find a babysitter if we have kids, which would be nice but I’m not sure if I’m ready or if I’m just saying that because I am ready and just haven’t found the right woman yet to propose this proposition of having children to, although there is a young woman I am with that seems to be reasonable; she’s everything a mother should be, I think, but she is still young and we’ve only been together for about nine or ten months so I really shouldn’t be thinking about that this early in the relationship, besides, we’re having protected sex which means it’s not something we’re considering as a couple, but that’s a thing to think about much later  – I also have my crisp closet of top dollar suits, top of the line accessories, a clean quiet place in Houston, Tampa and San Francisco, and a Penthouse on the Upper East Side of Manhattan and my glorious red tie that has helped me through most of the toughest meetings ever so children would put a damper on some of the finer things I possess already so I’ll wait a while.

My main office is in Dallas and I have a nice condo in Dallas, did I mention that?, anyway, I am the cream of the crop as they say, and I don’t do small talk, which is why there hasn’t been a significant other until just recently; my friend, David, has tried in the past, before these nine months, to introduce me to some friends of his and it just did not seem to work out because I would be just too busy and I would have no time for anyone else, those times when David tried to help me in the dating department, but now, now there is someone that I have been thinking about constantly and I just cannot understand why, or at first I didn’t understand why until she explained it to me and then the explanations became bedtime stories for me whenever we’d be together because I’d become so fascinated with this connection we have suddenly established, but I still travel and I am still trying – still trying to do more than small talk, at least with her – and it’s going great but there is work that I still have to take into consideration, I mean she and I have discussed this already, a little while ago, give or take nine months ago, and she agreed to go at a slow pace with the relationship thing, the communication and seeing each other, but it has been getting to the point where I’d cancel potential clients out west and do more development here in Texas because I, because I have- because I believe I am falling for her.

I usually send Joshua out to get lunch on the days it is too hot to be out, like how today is and I usually go out on the cooler days, and on rainy days I order for the whole office, meaning I call for a delivery and everyone pays for their own plate, and Joshua would come in on the days I’d send him out, rambling on about some woman he saw at some restaurant he ordered take out from and how I should consider taking her phone number because he mentioned me to this woman and she was really interested when my status was mentioned, only then was she interested, but not today, no, today he was unusually quiet and as much as I would have appreciated it, I didn’t and I wanted to know why he was so quiet, so I would inquire, Why so quiet? And he’d just slump down in the chair across form my seven foot cherry oak desk, neatly organized as if I were the CEO for this company, though I am not but my office beats that of the CEO, and Joshua would stare at the deep cherry color as if the dark, lifeline swirls the tree it came from told a better story than what he had to say, I had assumed this, because his face was grim, and when I had asked again he looked up at me and that is when I’d noticed his usually neatly pressed and tucked in shirt, baby blue with a darker blue silk tie today, no white?, was wrinkled as if he’d been in a scuffle or perhaps an intimate ruffle of a scuffle with one of his fantastic gorgeous women and he’d finally say that he saw Celest today.



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