“Furor” is my last poem from years ago.

And it is, by far, one of my favorites?


Because it doesn’t speak just about ‘death’ as we define and are familiar with. It hints at annihilation and creation on a ‘massive’ scale.

Souls are massive energy sources….like stars. And it takes a lot to destroy a star; the death of a star results in a massive burst of energy, which is both destructive and a recipe to the creation of new stars and planets.

It’s not the act of destroying a massive energy source that I find fascinating, no. It’s the amount of Power that would be required in order for it to happen – the hand behind it being very, very powerful.

What can be created with such power? One can only imagine…

A new universe…star systems…etc, etc…

I suppose I will begin writing more from here on out.

It would help bring some cohesiveness to my story. 


The deal with launching my Kickstarter project to raise funds to participate in another group exhibit – well, it took 3 days for them to look over and approve it, and I ended up realizing that there’s more to my process than installing it in the upcoming group show. Saturday was the end date and the gallery wanted the funds this week.

So I’ve chosen not to go through with it this time around.

There will be future opportunities, but there’s more showing up from within and I need to tend to it; preparing for this show would take away from what’s going on inside. I don’t even feel like painting at the moment. It’s writing and making keys [at the moment from craft wire] that I really desire to do.

So I’m going to listen in, ’cause I know what it’s like to not listen…it gets you into a lot of trouble.


What’s the story with keys? Well, what are keys? I’m not going to do the rundown with definitions in this post; when I’m ready to write about the keys and their significance, I will post that.

In the very least, the Keys unlock something. With regards to The Crystalline Sphere, they play a very important role in its restoration.

So, I’m eager to discover [or have it revealed to me] their significance.


My Story – well, it is The Crystalline Sphere. No, I’m not talking about my life’s story, I am talking about my existential story. Why I exist.

Didn’t I post that already? hmm….

Anyway, I’m in the process of seeking a writer, an expressive art therapist, and a reader to help me decipher and piece things together.

I’d like to pinpoint which Sphere, exactly, I am to end to.


Lastly, the deal with Etsy.

I created a shop!

Now to take and upload pictures…


Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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