Poetry…Artwork…Moving Forward

So, the poems I’ve written and made a soft copy of…are pretty much posted. There’s one left, and that will be posted tomorrow.

After that, I will get back into the mode of writing, and I’ll write new poems! I have you guys to thank for the motivation.

Thank you!

My artwork – as posted in Coming Together, is transforming! Well, there is still the visual art – the canvas, paints, paper and pastels. But something else emerged: wire crafting.

I used to make jewelry 6 years ago, during my undergrad adventure days. I ended up being so attached to my creations that I couldn’t let any of it go, so I stopped creating jewels.

Well, now, as I make an attempt to fundraise, I decided to create rewards [Kickstarter term] for potential backers. I didn’t know what to create at first, and I thouhght long and hard about it.

The issue with that was, I THOUGHT long and hard. When I realized I was thinking too hard and remembered that my process involves NOT thinking, I let it go.

The result?

Keys and Bookmarks…

Fancy that! My art invovles retelling of my existential story, I’m a workstudy at the Center for Book Arts, and this is what came up! Wire craft keys and bookmarks!

So I spent all day Saturday and Sunday creating keys and bookmarks from craft wire, and ended up created 17 so far [about 5 more to go].

Yes, my fingers do hurt.

Looking on the bright side, I’ve also been inspired to open an Etsy shop so that I can fund my artistic ventures – I want to add flat metal craft wire to my canvas pieces to give a good ‘ole ancient look and feel to my Chronicles, Ballads and whatever else comes out of my visual vision.

The larger goal: fund my way through a double masters program [if the deans agree to my idea of combining two masters programs].

Yeah, I know, I already have a masters degree…in Transpersonal Psychology!

But with what I want to do in this crazy world, I need to be licensed in the least, so Dance/Movement Therapy is the choice. I do want to integrate that concept with an MFA in Dance…nope, not interested in dance as it is seen, experienced, showcased or portaryed in today’s day and age. So I want to combine the two programs. It has EVERYTHING to do with why I’m here, on this planet we call Earth.

I was told, by the deans and chair of admissions it would be a first.

I get to speak with one of the Deans this coming Wednesday. We’ll see how that goes.

And, alas, Moving Forward.

While I’m still waiting for the court to sign my name change petition [five weeks and it isn’t ready yet! Really!?!], I’m allowing my process to pave my path.

I am very, VERY thankful for my mother. She’s now at a place to see and understand why I am where I am, and that it’s the only way for me to move forward. That being an ‘artist’ is a large part of what I have to do here.

Thank you Mom!

And again, thank You to everyone whose read my blog, liked a post, and follows the musings of my inner landscape.

It is truly and sincerely appreciated!


Alaya AD


4 thoughts on “Poetry…Artwork…Moving Forward

  1. Often it is reward enough to know that you have created something beautiful, but when others admire your creation especially when they purchase it, it is just an extra reward. Go for the etsy store. I have put some artwork into my Etsy store and although the economy is slugggish people still are out there buying. Sometimes it will take a little time to get things going but after you start to build a fan base things will pick up! good luck!

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