I recently came across a discovery!!

Okay, approximately eight years ago I began writing a story, titled “The Crystalline Sphere.” As a matter of fact, I wrote a lot at that time. I was in such a state of openness and receptivity, the easiest way for me to grasp what was coming through was to write it out [as stories, poems, and dream journal entries].

Well, the Crystalline Sphere was a treasured favorite of mine, closest to my heart because, I knew I was writing about myself and what I had to do in life. But it was also my best kept secret. I didn’t tell people about; I only had one other person read it at the time, and that was my English teacher during my second semester at LIU in Southampton [before they closed it].

Anyway, I recall the process of getting the terms together as the impressions and feelings came to me, writing out why certain names went with certain spheres, characters, places and the like. I printed it out to have a hard copy so that I could make notes to move the story along…

And now I don’t know where that hard copy is. But I have the soft copy. There are only four chapters [there are four spheres in my story, btw], and the fourth one is unfinished. In the very least, I have the ultimate WHY of the story. Not the back story; I don’t think I thought it was important to know at that point while I was writing it, but I have the meat of it.

At least for me it is.

So I recently came across the soft copy and felt a major piece of my ilfe has finally fallen into place. Now I undertand my art a little better – visual and movement.

Yet I still didn’t see how it all fit – it wasn’t clear enough for me. I understood that my visual art was retelling a story, but I didn’t understand how my visual and movement art fit in the overall picture.

Then it hit me: why don’t I give it a shot and google the term ‘crystalline sphere’. Maybe something will come out of it that will help me piece things together.

It’s a big deal for me because not just three months ago, I didn’t have a sense of my true purpose. I was recently dead and reborn, and all I knew was that my existence is extremely of great value to those that helped me to get here at this time. Great value to them, but I, at that time, couldn’t see it.

So I googled ‘crystalline sphere’ and was surprised at the search results. Aristotle, Ptolemy and a few others laid a definition of it, in their time, day and age. Of what I have read, it sounds a little like what I wrote eight years ago.

So I ran to my mother, all excited, trying to explain what Aristotle wrote, yet knowing Aristotle was a bit wordy himself, and saw that she didn’t clearly get it because I was repeating what he’d written and well, it just didn’t make sense to her at all. ^_^

But her response struck a chord: “Didn’t you have dream journals around that time, eights year ago?”

“Yes, I have a few. They’re in the shed.”

“Well, I think you need to sit and do some research so you can have a better understanding to what it all means for you.”

Ah, well, yes, those dream journals. I had a few of them back then because I was experiencing a lot in my early 20s [mirrors turning into windows, seeing fairies and the like ^_^].

Sounds crazy and out of this world, I know. Why do you think my writing teachers thought all of my stories to be fantasy and not non-fiction or simply magical realism?

So I will grab my dream journals and read while I sit with conditioner in my hair, in my art space, by the sunny bay window.



Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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