The Spectrum

Thank you all, for reading my poems! I sincerely appreciate your comments.

In trying to remember the moments when I wrote these poems, I can remember the excitement of channeling all of my…hormones and desire into the art of writing. 😀

Then my curiosity took hold of me. What of the other side of the spectrum? Here I play, somewhere in the middle, in lust and seduction, sensuality and the like; what is it like on the end where Death resides? No, I haven’t personally experienced death, per se… nor have I experienced ‘love’ [was too afraid of that, at the time]; but I am curious about it. I’ve seen the act of the death – the loss of a loved one. But I have not experienced it personally [well not until recently, but that’s a different story].

I wondered what Death would be like, in poetry.

Death doesn’t discriminate, comes and goes without warning or invitation.

…and oddly enough, just as beautiful as Life. Perhaps, different sides of the same coin…

Here are my ode’s to Death…


Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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