Angelus Mortis

Written March 1, 2006


I lay down to sleep

For the last time

I hear the wind blow,

Gently touching the wind chimes,

Outside of my room door.


It continues to touch the chimes

As if to play a lullaby

My last lullaby

The sound is so pleasant

Like a bird sing in the sunshine.


As I fall asleep

Listening to my lullaby,

I feel the wind going by.

It leaves

Taking my last breath with it.


Then the wind chimes stop.


The lullaby plays no more

The wind is not outside my door

The wind blows no more

Not for me

But for others,

It blows continuously.


It blows continuously

For my family.


I rest-in-peace

In my bed

They will find me in the morning

Not asleep, but dead.


When it’s their time

I’ll let them know

I’ll be playing with the wind chimes

Playing their last lullaby

Right outside of their room door.



All rights reserved. Please ask permission for reprint/repost.


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