My Work Space

When you hear that someone is an artist, do you ever imagine what their work space looks like? Do you wonder if they have a studio?

I do. I tend to assume that all visual artists have a studio to work in or out of. Then I began to reacquaint myself with visual art, and discovered that, well, not every artist has a studio. It’s a mixed bag.

So, I’d like to share my work space with all of you. If you were ever curious, well hopefully these photos will spare ye from the inner turmoil of wondering where artists make their work:

The Bay Window

The three pictures above showcase my work area. Since it’s warmed up on the outside, I’ve set up shop at the bay window. The windowsill provides a make shift table top to hold additional items, or to dry out painted works. BTW, the bottle in the window with the cloudy water is the drinking water for my brushes. The clear bottle closest to the camera is for me. ^_^

Tall Glass of Red

Oh yeah..I like to have a nice, tall glass of Red Sorrel with me as I work.

No, it’s not red wine. Not sorry to disappoint either. Can’t have red wine anyway. Red Sorrel kissed by the light of the sun makes for an awesome companion to the process.

There you have it!


Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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