Coming Together

The near finished Mystery of Ballads…there are 7 total; I have 6 on paper.

The Mysteries are short verses, hymns, or songs of movement that tell of a story long past.

My Story…

As noted in a prior post, it’s not the story of my self-image, personality, human experince, etc, etc. No, it’s a story of ME Essentially.

My Essence, the being that simply IS. This story foretells of my existence.

In an imagery of movement, lines, and the color of gold, it’s a retelling, telling, and foretelling… A unique way of the ‘telling of one’s story”…

Here are Ballads II – V. The first one can be found here to refresh your memory. The post the concept of the Ballads was explained in, is here.

IInd Ballad:


Second Ballad









IIIrd Ballad:

Third Ballad









IVth Ballad:


Fourth Ballad









Vth Ballad:

Fifth Ballad










Now…there has been a wonderful recent development. As my art has been developing, as all things move forward naturally, I came across the relation between the Ballads and the Pages of Existence [I haven’t posted them yet, so bear with me].

Sure enough, the Ballads are the intros, and the Pages are the details. Here’s a rough draft to give you a visual:

First Chronicle


What I LOVE about this arrangement is, the original scripture of the Pages are drawn on a landscape view of the paper. But here, as you can see, it’s in portrait. AND…the arrangment is modified.

Modified as it should be. Not how I would like it to be [because I wouldn’t have the slightest idea if I put time into thinking about it]; but as it flows from within to the paper.

This is done on Canson Watercolor paper [apparently it’s really good for mixed media].

*The Ballads are all done on parchment paper*

The media used in the Ist Chronicle are oil pastel and acrylic paint.

Ah yes, lastly, the name: Chronicle.

We have the Ballads, the Pages of Existence, and when placed together, we have a Chronicle. When all seven Ballads are placed with their respective Pages, the Chronicles will be created. I will soon need a Book created specifically for the Chronicles.

Luckily for me, or call it Fate if you will, the Center for Book Arts in NYC is just a Bus, Train, and a Walk away.





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