Not of Narnia, but of Me Essentially. [Ahem, yours truly].

I chose the word ‘chronicles’ because it’s a synonym for ‘story’. That simple.

But it also gave my artwork that extra feel of being old and ancient…since the story itself is, well, Old and Ancient! ^_^

Let’s look at the Dictionary again! [I LOVE reading the dictionary. Who doesn’t? Seriously?]

 According to
1. a chronological record of events; a history.
verb (used with object)

2. to record in or as in a chronicle.
Word Origin & History


c.1300, from O.Fr. chronique, from L. chronica, from Gk. khronika(biblia) “(books of) annals,” neut. pl. of khronikos “of time.” Theverb is from c.1440.
a usually continuous historical account of events arranged in order of time without analysis or interpretation. These were composed in prose or verse, and, inaddition to providing valuable information about the period theycovered, they were used as sources… The word is from the Middle English cronicle, which is thought to have been ultimately derived from the Greek chronos,”time.”
Yes, art has value. One can say it only has value if value is placed within it; another can say everything that comes to be has value. Perhaps this is all debatable, but bottom line is this:
My art has value.
When I look at what I’ve created, even when in a sucky mood, there’s this flare that comes to life in my chest, giving me an automatic boost. What I see created  before me is an account, a record of events past…in my past as one that exists.
It’s one of the sources about myself that has been brought into being.
How lovely!
To create a chronicle of oneself, is probably one of the most creative, expressive, and super-awesome things to be done. I’m thoroughly enjoying the discovery, yet at times have some difficultly interpreting the extra surges of energy that comes with it.
Hmm, my dreams do serve as a guide… sometimes they are a bit out there; I do try to interpret them, knowing not to take anything literally, but symbolically/metaphorically…
Eh, that’s another topic altogether….
All in all, the Chronicles give a detailed account of myself – in the oldest language known to mankind, and perhaps to all things that exist: symbols.
I use gold because, in alchemy, gold represents the Self. And no other color fits the purpose of this task better than gold.
Unless Light came in a bottle, then I’d paint and draw with that!
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