Personal Oracle

Someone posted this quote on Facebook:

“Your own reason is the only oracle given you by heaven.”
-Thomas Jefferson #WN #NOW #quote

And after being in a very low and extremely slow drag these past few weeks [a lot of thanks to Mercury for being in retrograde, now direct], I feel that…well, it’s time to own up to my OWN oracle.

…Or whatever it is you’d like to call it. Being an artist and using a medium to express that ‘Oracle’ is a scary thing. Artists tend to want support from EVERYONE…the ENTIRE world.

Truth is, not everyone or the entire world will appreciate it. What I find fascinating about this fact is, if you so believe in such, the Universe is more supportive. So instead of looking to every person for acceptance and approval, why not look beyond that? The Universe is a lot bigger, much more open and has everything.

Sounds ‘out there’, but it’s true.

Where do I stand with this now? Well, I’m searching for my audience on Earth. I have a very large one ‘out there’, but I’m not out there at the moment. I’m right here.

But that starts with me…right here. What is my Oracle? My story? Plainly put, why am I here? My art expresses the bulk of it.

There are two paths in my art – Visual and Dance/Movement. I have been a bit disconnected from the latter, due to an earth shattering wake up call from Life. That left me raw and broken. But I am slowly regaining that sense of meaning with my dance/movement. It’s a one-day-at-a-time thing for me, with regards to getting reacquainted.

The visual art, on the other hand, articulates what was planned before coming here…a story.

It’s a story of Me. Not a self-image you may create for you to understand me, or my personality or character. It’s a story of Me essentially. It’s not a verbal rendition of Me; it’s all visual.

It expresses what I have always done, the meaning behind it, and what it is I came here to do. It expresses the who and what “I AM”. There will be those that get it, and those that won’t.

I’m sure you can guess which way my flowers will lean.

Towards the light.

Six years ago, no one understood what it was I was trying to say with regards to my dance. Today…well, I’ve come across ONE person that TOTALLY gets it.

She’s a Dance/Movement therapist. Go figure… ^_^

FYEO…For Your Eyes Only.

Have you ever wondered why that phrase was ever coined???


Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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