Paintbrush glee

Yes, I am excited about my new paintbrushes!

I’ve been using oil pastels with parchment paper to capture my artwork. It’s a unique style of glyphs, focused on movement. Well, in my attempts to  transport this same mysterious look and feel onto canvas, I’ve not been very successful with the use of flat brushes.

I went to an art store yesterday to buy some oils [never used this medium before], canvas, and a couple of oil pastels to replensih my depleting stock. Right before I entered the brush aisle, I saw a pack of brushes that caught my eye. I noted the shapes and sizes, realizing I had them all…except for one.

And THAT was the slanted tip brush.

I became overjoyed, because deep down I knew…I knew that THAT was the brush I needed for my next venture. SO I browsed the brush aisle for 15 minutes, picked out three brushes of different sizes, and approached the counter with a delightful, child-like bop to my step.

I didn’t try them out as soon as I arrived home; it was late and I was fatigued.

Princeton Art & Brush Co.

This morning I took out the smallest size, just in case they weren’t the right brushes [although I just KNEW they were], put  dab of Gold Ochre oil  paint on my make shift palette, and tried out a few strokes on a wet-mixed media pad.

I squealed like a newly wed! It’s exactly what I need!!!!!!!!!! So now I am getting everything else out of the way today, so that I can spend some uninterrupted time tonight with my new brushes, flat canvases, oils and acrylics.









-The other two yet untouched by the magic liquid of gold and iridescent pearl!  I’m uber excited and eagerly await for my paint time to roll around. ^_^






It’s a beautiful day out! Spinning my sword and broomstick [make-shift bo] in the back is most pleasing at the moment…

Until next time!


Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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