In Dreams

I took a nap today.

I’d also done some painting and created a few more ‘pages’ to my emerging “Book…”

As I listened to the awesome trailer music on my ipod and looked over my newest additions in my sketchbook, a wave of ‘something’ come over me. I didn’t clearly understand the feeling, and it went to my head: I needed a nap in order to ease the mental tension that was created.

So I took a nap.

It was for a couple of hours; I don’t clearly remember the dreams I had. But I do remember what woke me up out of my sleep.

It was a picture I’d drawn before going to sleep….with a unicorn.

Yes, a Unicorn..

The Unicorn came out of a part of my drawing, and just stood there. It didn’t speak [wasn’t expecting it to], and it wasn’t going to move.  I remember trying to figure why a Unicorn was in my picture, but it stood there, moving its head in defiance, as if to show me that it wasn’t going anywhere. In a small sense I wanted it to move out of the way so I could get a clearer picture of the image that was behind it. It wasn’t going to.

Overall, everything emerged from darkness; the same type of darkness that exists in space. Then the image I created before going to bed began to glow from out of the darkness. It was gold. And then the Unicorn came out of it [the Unicorn was White].

I remember opening my eyes to figure out if what I was ‘seeing’ was real or not, and I saw my room. I closed my eyes again and the image, along with the Unicorn was still there. So I just ‘stood’ there and looked over the image, the unwavering Unicorn, and waited until the image faded.

A few moments later, I got out of bed, grabbed my book and pastels, and drew what I saw.

…minus the Unicorn.


The finished piece felt more like what I saw in the dream. Hmm….


Thoughts/Comments are appreciated

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